Building emotions, like any other skill, requires training and practice. You are in a living laboratory of emotions every day so have plenty of chances to learn and practice. Embark on a journey of individual coaching, training or leadership development with us.


How are Emotions learned?

Emotional Literacy follows steps similar to linguistic literacy. First, you put your attention to what you are feeling, to your experience. Second, you begin naming what you are become aware of with an emotion, and third, you strengthen your understanding of individual emotions. You start developing your ability to become more and more nuanced in recognizing different emotions.

Emoli™ cards help you with all three steps. Take them out and sort through them. Which emotion are you experiencing at this moment? Do the three elements on the back of the cards match your experience? If not all, do some of them? You are getting closer to precisely naming your emotion.

Each Emoli™ card deck includes a number of exercises that help you explore and expand your emotional literacy in different ways. Enjoy your discoveries.

Learning From Us

Mirko and Dan are committed to making emotional literacy common sense in the world. We do that through individual coaching, training, leadership development, and masterclasses. We support you in-person, virtually or blend both very effectively. We have experience working for and with organizations of all types and sizes. In addition, we write a regular blog and speak at gatherings of leaders, coaches, educators, and families.

We would love to have a conversation with you to know how we can support your individual or organization's competence in this critical domain. Write to us to set up a conversation in the near future.