emoli™ FAQ


What are Emoli™ Cards?

Emoli Cards are similar to the flash cards you used to learn multiplication and division. One side has the name of an emotion and an illustration of the facial expression associated with that emotion. The back of each card has a deconstruction of the emotion into its story (information it provides us), its impulse (how it physically moves us) and its purpose (how it takes care of us).

Who created Emoli™ Cards?

Mirko Kobiela and Dan Newby came up with the idea while coaching and training leaders on emotions. They recognized that most people struggle to name the emotion they are experiencing and found flash cards to be a great tool to help their clients build their emotional vocabulary in a playful and very practical way.

How many cards are in each pack?

Each Emoli™ pack contains 67 emotion cards along with a short introduction and six exercises designed to help individuals, coaches, and leaders learn and guide conversations about emotions.

Are there only 67 emotions?

Interestingly there is no universal agreement on how many emotions there are. Dan and Mirko work with more than 200 emotions from which they selected 67 for inclusion.

Does Emoli™ teach how the cards can be used?

Yes, we do! This can be organized on an individual basis, and we offer group calls for people to learn ways to use Emoli™ cards. Write to us to arrange an exploratory conversation.

What if I want you to train my team on emotions?

Mirko and Dan design and facilitate custom workshops and would be delighted to work with you on your team’s emotional development. Please send a contact form, and they will be in touch shortly.

Does Emoli™ offer discount pricing for quantity purchases?

Yes, we do offer quantity discounts. Please contact us with details of your project, and we'll work with you on pricing.

Does Emoli™ offer other products?

At this time Emoli™ only offers our standard card deck. We are working with educators to develop a student version of the cards and have plans to offer other versions in the near future.

Are Emoli cards available in languages other than English?

At this time English is the only language available. We are in the process of translating the cards into German and Spanish.